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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Area Woman Critiques Gold Medal Ride

Raleigh, NC.   Training level dressage rider Jeanette Woodall spent last Saturday studying videos of the individual dressage competition from the 2008 Olympics.  She critiqued all of the riders, but was especially hard on individual gold medalist Anky Van Grunsven.  “She’s using too much spur—see how Salinero is swishing his tail?”  Her husband, Gregory, watching with her, nodded in agreement.  Woodall continued her critique, “Did you see him drop behind the vertical there?  She needs to soften the reins and let him stretch into the bridle.  She is riding him front to back.”  Woodall described Van Grunsven’s horse Salinero as ‘pretty nice’ but indicated that she would have trained him more correctly.

After spending the day critiquing Olympic level rides, Woodall headed to the barn and groomed her horse, but did not ride.

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