The Horse Who Wouldn't Die
The Biography of a Useless Horse
by H. B. Farmer

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Area Horse Tired Of Being Compared To The Black Stallion

Scottsdale, AZ -- Midnight, a black Arabian gelding, is tired of his owner, Linda Ellison, constantly comparing him to the Black Stallion.  Whenever Ellison arrives at the barn she stands at Midnight’s pasture gate and whistles for him.  “I know she wants me to come galloping up to her, just like the Black would,” Midnight says.  Ellison is always disappointed when Midnight ambles up to her to get his treat.

The comparisons extend to all areas of their relationship.  “If we are out on the trail and we see a snake and I try to run away, she always says something like, ‘The Black would’ve fought the snake and saved my life.’  Whatever.  The Black also killed a man.  Oh, and by the way, the Black isn’t real.”

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