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The Big George Morris Clinic
by H. B. Farmer

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Police Blotter

On January 14th, at approximately 3:41 pm, Scott Willams, 44, was apprehended at Eastside Laundromat in Boise, ID.  He is charged with attempting to wash two horse blankets and five saddle pads in the laundromat’s washers, despite a clearly posted sign stating “No Horse Laundry”.  Police had placed the laudromat under surveillance after customers repeatedly called 911 to report finding horse hair in the machines.


  1. this cannot be a true story

    no man would actually DO horse laundry.

    If FORCED to, they would use a car wash.

    1. How would one go about using a car wash to wash horse blankets? Would you need a pickup truck? Or would you just leave the car windows open? These questions are strictly for research purposes.