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Monday, January 30, 2012

Area Woman Knows Way Too Much About Manure Forks

Parkton, MD   New barn owner Leah Hammett made the mistake of bringing experienced horsewoman Tamara Buller to the feed store with her to pick up supplies. The very knowledgeable Buller spent over two hours discussing the pros and cons of various manure forks.

First Buller covered material options for the handle of the manure fork. Then she went on to handle shape. “Whether you prefer a straight handle or an ergonomic handle depends on your mucking style. Are you a flinger or a rotator?” When Hammett shrugged noncommittally, Buller delivered an extensive lecture on mucking techniques and grip types. Then she moved onto head types, covering teeth spacing and her own strong preference for a basket-type head. Finally she assessed the overall balance of each manure fork.

After finally settling on a manure fork, Buller spent the next few hours educating Hammett about wheelbarrows.


  1. This surprised me because Parkton is where my Mom grew up and I was in 4-H there. So close to home but so funny! Keep up the good work.

  2. Left you an award on my blog. You made me laugh...........