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Friday, January 13, 2012

Area Woman Driven To Blogging To Support Horse’s Vet Habit

Tucson, AZ   Faced with a mountain of vet bills, horse owner Darlene Lawler was forced to start blogging to make ends meet.  She googled ‘how to make money blogging’ and the first bit of advice she found was to ‘blog what you know’.  So Lawler started a blog called The Clumsy Horse, where she details the injuries and treatments of her accident-prone horse, Waldorf.

Followers of her blog have become acquainted with her bandaging routines and medication schedules.  They are also kept up to date on Waldorf's water consumption and manure production.  The most recent entry read, “Just changed Dorfy’s bandage and gave him his meds.  There was fresh manure in his stall!”

Lawler’s previous entrepreneurial ventures include a CafePress site where she sold merchandise with a cute cartoon of a horse resting in a hospital bed.  At press time there were no indications that Lawler intended to get an actual job.

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