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The Big George Morris Clinic
by H. B. Farmer

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Area Horse Irritated By Horse Reference On CSI: Miami

Mr. Nickerson, a 19 year old paint gelding, once again became irritated last night while watching an episode of CSI: Miami.  After performing an autopsy, Dr. Woods declared that the victim had been injected with "enough drugs to kill a horse".  At this point Mr. Nickerson began yelling at the television, "Why do people insist on using horses as a yardstick for measuring drug overdoses?  When did we become a unit of measure for killing things?"  Vowing never to watch CSI: Miami again, Mr. Nickerson changed the channel to a rerun of Growing Pains.  Minutes later teenager Mike Seaver displayed appalling manners, prompting his father asked, "Were you raised in a barn?"  At this point Mr. Nickerson turned off the television and picked up a book.

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